Arrowmax Racer’s Toolset


Now available as a set, we’ve combined all the absolute necessary tools into one kit minus the frills of the exclusive set.

This set inclues every piece you really need when it comes to assembling and building your mini4wd.

1.8 mm Hand drill (used to pierce wheels, allows your to run 72mm axles)

1.9mm Hand drill (used to pre-drill FRP/CF reinforced chassis so you don’t strip screwheads or break screws in the chassis)

2.0mm Hand drill (used to drill through chassis allowing you to simply use a locknut on the other side instead of threading the screw into the chassi everytime)

1.5mm Hex Driver (used for the reinforced black allen cap screws racers use for roller mounts_

4.0mm & 4.5mm nut driver (MUCH easier to use than the Tamiya wrench)

Setting Gauge (allows you to check out your clearances to the ground)

Setting Board (this one has angle measurements on it, so you can check your roller angle)

Rim Remover (by far the most useful tool ever made, only grey is included in this set)

It’s available in Grey, Gold, and Black (black hex driver is the exclusive red/black)

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Weight 1 lbs
Tool Colors

Black, Grey, Gold


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