Basic Mini 4WD Car Box – Mini 4WD Station (2020 Japan Cup)


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This Car Box Sleeve commemorates the 2020 running of the Japan Cup Mini 4WD Racing Series! It is a perfect choice to safely store your Mini 4WD car, and even check it against Mini 4WD regulations in a simple fashion!

• Includes one assembly box and sleeve.
• The box is made from durable black cardboard and requires simple folding to assemble. It features the Japan Cup 2020 logo.
• Sleeve is made from clear PET plastic, and will keep dust away from your car.
• Internal dimensions of approximately 105mm x 165mm correspond to Mini 4WD race regulations.
• External dimensions: 110mm x 175mm x 53mm. Fits neatly into the Mini 4WD Portable Pit, or cases such as Item 95503.

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