Custom Colored 19mm 5-Spoke Rollers


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These are your typical run of the mill 19mm Plastic O-ringed 5-spoke rollers with the custom anodize as well as dying of the plastic rings.

Please note the the way names are for the roller and take time in selecting the correct color.

The first color denotes the plastic ring color, the second color denotes the anodize color.

IG: Black/Black = Plastic ring is black and the anodize of the roller is black.

Watermelon is a name we affectionately gave our Green plastic ringed rollers with the center part anodized to pink.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
19mm Roller Colors

Green/Black, Red/Black, Black/Black, Watermelon(Green/Pink), Black/Red, Yellow/Black, Pink/Pink, Black/Blue, Black/Burnt OJ, Black/Purple, Black/Teal


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