Dxn CNC Sliding Damper 13/19mm


Without further adieu an original CNC Sliding Damper is finally back. This one was designed between Dxn and Chris Lee Designs and tested during 2019 Japan Cup. 

This CNC Sliding Damper has many uses. It uses 3 long popsicles and does require professional assembly. These are not simply plug and play, in order to maintain precision and not have slop when assembling, the racer needs to have a basic knowledge of how our sliding dampers work and access to some simple hand tools such as files and sand paper.  

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This sliding damper is only designed to move left to right 1.5mm. It has no angle added to the top carbon due to it’s use being mainly for front AT systems. Angle is generally achieved in this system by shimming the entire mounting plate.

It’s recommended that both of the longer sections are scuffed up with sandpaper and glued together.

If the racer wishes, this damper can be cut in half and be turned into an independently sliding damper. Meaning when the action is engaged it can slide from only one direction or it can be locked to not slide at all. There is an additional slot cut into the middle carbon that allows the racer to add a screw or 2mm pin in order to not allow the damper to pull outward if it’s cut to be independently.

The racer will have to supply their own parts below to complete assembly.

2 x brass bushings

4x Large washer

2x Small washer

1x spring (silver recommended)


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