Dxn “Go Fast, Don’t Crash!” T-Shirt Year End Sale!


Year End Sale $20, we had a few of these done early on that were dyed slightly off from our original design. Instead of an off-white as pictured the dye is more brown/taupe colored



The motto “Go Fast, Don’t Crash!” can be pretty much said for anything in life. Prior to opening a Mini 4WD shop, much of the crew here raced motorcycles. Specifically, we raced 24 Hour Endurance races on small displacement bikes. We weren’t always bent on winning, but more specifically having a good time and racing at a pace that was comfortable for oneself. It was important to race at a pace that you were comfortable with and keep putting down laps. Each lap averaging 1 minute, a crash taking anywhere between 6-10 minutes to recover from would put you behind at least 6-10 laps.

With that being said, between rider changes in a 24 Hour Race we’d always shout to each other “Go Fast, Don’t Crash!” Encouraging the rider to ride to the best of his abilities, but not crash.

The same can be said for Mini 4WD, which is why we’ve branded ourselves with this catch phrase and put it on sticker sheets, jackets and now for the first time a t-shirt.

This T-shirt has the same dimensions as the previous Dxn Gumi T-shirt but was sewn together with a thicker 14 singles 100% Cotton Jersey. Same great fit and length as the gumi shirt, but a thicker longer lasting feel. Instead of silk screen ink sitting on top of the fabric as most shirts are done we’ve opted for a discharge process on this batch, the original black fabric of the t-shirt is bleached and another ink is dyed into the fabric giving the shirt a nice feel against the body.

As with all forms of apparel we do at Dxn, these are a limited run and once we’re out reproduction in the future is uncertain. Snatch one up before they’re gone.




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