Dxn Gumi T-shirt


Finally after a lot of searching, trial and error we’re proudly offering an entirely Made in California garment. ⁣
T-Shirt made in Vernon, CA. ⁣
Clamp Label made in Cerritos, CA⁣
Silkscreened and stitched in Monrovia, CA⁣
Designed in Arcadia, CA⁣
I can say without a doubt in my mind that this garment was made with pride in the USA. The T-Shirt is 100% organic cotton, it features a slimmer and longer fit. Perfect for taller guys. The silkscreening was intentionally done in one pass to be as light as possible.
As for the silk screened logo itself, there’s some meaning behind it all. The use of Dxn at the top is simple and represents our shop. The kanji 組, read as ‘kumi’ or ‘gumi’ is a kanji you see frequently used in Japan. In our use it’s pronounced gumi and means group. Many southern Californians will know a popular ramen spot called 新撰組 “shinsengumi”. It was actually the name of a special police force setup during the Bakumatsu Period in Kyoto, Japan to protect the shogunate. 新撰 Shinsen is two kanji characters that represent new/fresh and the second is 組 gumi, which can be interpreted as group or a collection of people who share the same interests. In our case, it being Mini4WD.
The circle also has meaning, in our use it’s slightly repetitive. If you find stylized kanji insignias of groups using the gumi kanji, they’ll frequently omit the entire 組 kanji and use a circle around their initial kanji. Native Japanese will naturally read the first kanji and apply gumi to the end.
With all this information the Dxn crew picked up some traditional Shuji brushes and designed what you see in our newest t-shirt. Read as Dxn Gumi or the Dxn Group. These are a limited run as is many of our shirts, pick one up when you have a chance.

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