JR Countersunk Screw Set – Stainless Steel


Prior to the release of these Tamiya Racers had to countersink the regular screws so that they wouldn’t contact the track surface and damage it. With the release of these counter-sunk screws it’s much easier to have a flat bottom without things to catch the track now. Pick up a few packs of these depending on how many cars you’ve built !

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Countersunk screws sit flush with the surface of any FRP plate, etc. they are attached to, meaning they don’t stick out and damage the track surface of a Mini 4WD track. Thus, you don’t have to cover them up and can even give your machine a lower ground clearance setting. The 2mm screws in this set are durable stainless steel.


  • 10mm Countersunk Screw x4
  • 12mm Countersunk Screw x6
  • 20mm Countersunk Screw x2
  • 25mm Countersunk Screw x4
  • 30mm Countersunk Screw x4
  • Can be used as replacements for countersunk screws in limited edition VS & Super XX Evo.1 chassis.
  • Easily countersink parts with item 74130 electric Router Countersink Bit (For 2mm Screws)


Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × .15 in


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