Light Dash Motor Pro


Rated as a dash motor, this one is relatively slow but in some instances very necessary if your car is simply too fast when using other motors. It rates somewhere between a Torque Tuned and a Hyper Dash.

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This new motor for Mini 4WD machines has performance that strikes a good balance between the Hyper-Dash Motor PRO (Item 15375) and the Torque-Tuned Motor PRO(Item 15346). The Light-Dash Motor PRO now offers Mini 4WD drivers with another choice to power them to victory.


  • Voltage(V) – 2.4-3.0
  • Torque (nM-m) – 1.3-1.9
  • RPM(r/min) – 14600-17800
  • Current (A) – 1.5-2.2


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