Mini 4WD Curved Scissors


Somehow this slipped under the new releases for us at Dxn, but luckily a customer brought them to our attention. 

We ordered a few sets, and while they’re on the pricier side they’re simply bliss for cutting Mini 4WD polycarbonate bodies !

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These scissors are for cutting out curved sections on Mini 4WD car polycarbonate bodies. Their short stainless-steel blades provide long-lasting, quality curved cuts on lightly and sharply-curved sections alike, as well as difficult-to-access spots. They are of particular use on wheel arches.

• Mini 4WD Curved Scissors (for Polycarbonate Bodies) x1
• Scissors are activated by pushing the grips together, for easy action and minimum interference from hands in the cutting process.
• A safety cap is included to allow safe storage.
• Total length: 115mm; blade length: 12mm.
• Not for use on R/C model bodies.


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