Mini 4WD Dimension Box (Neon Green)


*Update* 1/15/2020 Back in stock ! Limited Quantities, pick one up before they’re gone again. 




    Simply drop your Mini 4WD machine into this handy box to check whether it meets official regulations regarding vehicle length and width. This precision item is made from Neon-Green acrylic and features the Mini 4WD logo printed on the base. It is a highly useful item for those who need to check dimensions before an official Mini 4WD race, or check a large number of machines, especially those with significant modifications. It fits neatly in one block of a Mini 4WD Portable Pit.

    • Mini 4WD Car Dimension Checker x1
    • Fits neatly into one block of a Mini 4WD Portable Pit.
    • Box measurements are intended as a guide only. At official events, the official measurement is final.

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Weight .2 lbs


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