MS Stretched Spring


If you’ve played with MS before and have seen the different reiterations of the method to mounting the springs this should spark your fancy. 

Most MS Flex setups use a standard Tamiya sliding damper spring where the pegs on the MS chassis are located, a lot of racers used to cut those pegs off and replace them with aluminum spacers. Recently racers have been trying to simplify the complexity of the MS Flex even more by stretching the springs over the pegs instead of removing them, this allows for less play in the suspension movement and less parts required to build a MS Flex chassis. 

Stretching the springs was tedious and difficult to be done in a uniform way, until now… sourced in Japan and a highly reputable shop are these pre-stretched Tamiya springs. They’re a direct fit over the existing MS chassis locating pegs. Each set comes with 4 soft and 4 hard springs. Pick up a couple for your future MS build!

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