Pre-cut MS Suspension Chassis


Pink Chassis is mixed with Black Carbon reinforced front bumpers and pink chassis tubs. 


Finally with some of the right tools and a lot of experience messing with these MS Flex/Suspension Chassis we’re happy to make them available to all our racers. 

One of the most daunting tasks while building a MS Suspension car is making the actual chassis, a lot of racers that currently race MS know this journey.

Many trial and error chassis have been sacrificed to the Tamiya gods while trying to perfect their chassis. With the popularity of the MS Suspension chassis since 2017’s Japan Cup the techniques and methods to make them have been getting simpler and easier. Which is why Dxn is now able to offer these. They’re all made in house and assembled/tested before being sold. 


Please allow 1-2 business days for shipment, some colors maybe have to be made.



In this Pre-cut MS Suspension Chassis Set you’ll receive two things

MS Chassis

Stretched Springs

This is the most basic form of the MS Flex, you’ll still have to finish building the rest of the car.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs

Green, Pink, Grey, Purple, Black, Reinforced White, Reinforced Red


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