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We are one of the few authorized dealers of Sig Work’s products here in the US. In our recent trip to Japan we were able to meet the creator of Sig Works and establish a connection with him in selling his products here in the US. 

With that being said, please take a look at the description for his MS Cutting Guide we now offer. 



First of all, Sig Works offers 4 types of MS Chassis cutting jigs. Their description translated from Japanese is a bit tricky to decipher so we’ve labeled them A, B, C, and D.

Cutting Jig A

This one allows you to cut the MS Chassis toward the nose furthest away from the counter gear, a very typical cut a lot of MS users have been using. We recommend this for the most basic type of MS suspension build.

Cutting Jig B

This one moves you to the mid-point between the Jig A and Jig C (jig C cuts closest to the screw holes where springs are usually placed). This cut is tricky to do as well as Jig C due to there not being references to freehand cut this part of the chassis.

Cutting Jig C

This jig allows you to cut extremely close the spring mounting pegs located on the underside of the chassis, giving you more strength in the ‘nose’ or ‘tail’ of the car. Advance MS builders will want to pick this jig up to experiment.

Cutting Jig D

This is the fanciest jig of them all, you cut your MS at the start point of Jig A, but this jig is angled and cuts the chassis at an angle. Never done before and very hard to do freehand. Without immediate firsthand experience the Dxn Staff has theorized the usefullness of this cut being that the suspension movement being in a diagonal direction will allow, when applied to the front of a MS Flex build, more strength and less bumper deflection resulting in positive roller angle. (Advance users will definitely want to pick one of these up)

Some general notes regarding use of this cutting jig, it’s 3-d printed and not indestructible. Maximum recommended saw blade width is 0.25mm, this version of the jig does not feature a stop to prevent you from cutting through the entire jig, use caution and take your time.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Sig Works MS Jigs

A, B, C, D


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