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Sig Works latest MS jig creation to allow Mini 4WD fans to create their own MS Flex car with the use of only a Tamiya Craft Saw. 

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Please take a look at the images to understand what this jig does. Sig Works has always been a proponent of DIY and has created yet another essential jig to help you create your own MS Flex.

We’d consider this one a 2 in one jig because of how many abilities it has.

Firstly the most important function it has is being able to remove the outlined red material (in the instruction photos). Many users prior to this jig did it by hand and eye or if they had a Proxxon MF-70 at their disposal this was the most optimal tool to use. The jig limits the depth of the cut so that you don’t damage your MS Chassis, once you start the cut you can finish it out of the jig. You will have to finish removing the red material with nippers, hobby knives or a rotary tool.

The second use of this jig is to remove exactly 1.5mm of material from the bottom of the mounting points for the rear of the MS. A frequent problem with the rear of the MS is once you start going down to lower then 26mm diameter wheel/tires it’s difficult to adjust the height of your brake. This cut allows you to raise the entire rear assembly and adjust from there. Again, please take a careful look at the images to understand how to use it. When using the jig to cut shave the 1.5mm be sure to not remove the rear factory mounts as it’s used to hold itself level in the jig.

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