SkyRC NC2600 Charger/Discharger


Finally available here in the US with the correct plug ! Dxn Provisions is the sole distributor of this product. This great little charger fits in a portable pit and is compact but has a bunch of functions ! If you’re not familiar with these types of chargers do a little reading on Skyrc’s website to get yourself tuned in. Paired with an Antigravity XP-10 Battery Pack you’ll never have to leave your pit area to check on the status of your batteries !

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Taken from Skyrc’s website, please look there for more detailed information and downloadable content.

SkyRC NC2600 AA/AAA Battery Charger & Analyzer is more than just a battery charger which can perform a number of different functions. If you are interested in getting optimum power, turbo fast charging (up to 2600mA Charge Current) and the longest battery lifespan, this is an excellent choice for you.
The charger has four compartments for AA batteries and AAA batteries and it is able to charge both AA and AAA batteries simultaneously. Due to different battery capacity, you could set the charge rate accordingly or set all at once. With charging,discharging, refresh & analyze, break-in and cycle functions as well as individual LCD displays for charging status; this charging unit is reliable, user-friendly and ideal for use in the home, office or on a trip.



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