Tamiya 4mm and 4.5mm Nutdriver


Another great tool when you’re working on your car, this nut driver has a 4mm and 4.5mm head on it allowing you to tighten both types of nuts. Many racers don’t use the nutdriver portion and only use the shaft with some rubber or tape stuck on it for easier handling.

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  • Can be used for 2mm nuts and 2mm lock nuts.
  • Elastic polymer grip prevents slipping.
  • Driver bit is made from chrome vanadium steel and is finished with nickel plating.
  • Its compact size helps keep the tool steady, especially when you are using a box driver and a plus (+) driver at the same time.
  • Compatible with other electric screwdriver bits. (6.35mm Hex type, 65mm or longer)
  • Useful for installing Mini 4WD parts and assembling R/C trailers.


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