Z3nbluster RTR (High Speed Tuned Ready to Run)


Fresh off Z3nbluster workbench are a pair of “Tuned High Speed” Dxn Spec RTR’s. Price is for each one.

Below is Z3nblusters description of the car as well as a link to the video.

A true testament to a builder trying to achieve perfection in his cars performance is wheel/tire selection. Both cars are using “Extra Large” diameter wheels, particularly being the 6 spoke wheel that comes from the Black Shiba kit that was recently released. But in order to get the most true wheels Jan opened up 5 kits to find the best 4 for each car. This is the difference between a hobbyist and a professional. More evidence can be seen in the transmission and roller setup. Snatch one of these up and lay a wallop on your local hobby shops high speed track.


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Built on the MS Chassis, this High Speed Tuned Class car is as quick as lighting! As seen on YouTube, this car is built with all new 100% Original Tamiya Parts.

Includes the use of XL Six Spoke Wheels paired with Low-Friction Tires to maximize speed on both corners and straightaways. Assembled with a non-traditional spacer setup designed to add lightness. Built with all Carbon Fiber front and rear roller assemblies to maximize cornering quickness. Features a complete ball-bearing transmission ensuring smooth operation and minimizing power-loss. Included with a Z3n Bluster Tun3d motor with a break-in method emphasizing torque output.

Note: Kit also includes all the extra hardware that is included with all the parts used to assemble this chassis. Z3N TUN3D, Mass Damper, and DXN Provisions stickers also added in this kit for whichever body the user chooses to install. Batteries not included.

Video Link:

Parts Used

1x 95234

2x 95588

1x 15360

1x 94577

1x 15349

2x 15297

1x 15487

1x 95555

2x 15473

1x 15519

2x 95482

1x 95260

1x 95113

1x 15347

1x 95349

1x 95539

2x 95385

2x 15454

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 6 × 3 in


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