Summer Cup Rules and Regulations (2021)

Rules and Regulations

What is it?

The Summer Cup is a 5 race series hosted by Dxn Provisions. Of the 5 races 3 are scored, this allows for a racer to miss two races and still be competitive. Points are accumulated for the series toward grand prizes awarded at the end of the series.

Where is it?

All 5 races are hosted at Dxn Provisions in Arcadia, CA.

How do I enter?

Registration takes place at the store, there will be entry for Tuned Class and Open Class. Each class is $25 to enter for the entire series. This $25 fee does not go toward each races’ entry fees. You can enter late into the series if you’d like, only caveat is that we will not retroactively count your points if you race/win then sign up for points after the results. In order to accumulate full points you have to register by Round 3.

How are points scored?

Our scoring system is as follows:

Each race you enter you accumulate 1 participation point. For every race you win you earn 1 point as well. If you’ve made it to the finals; 1st place is 3 points, 2nd place is 2 points and 3rd place is one point. When racing multiple cars we do not add all the points of your cars finishes in the system, only your highest scoring car is applied toward your overall points total.

AM/PM Sessions:

AM/PM Sessions will still be used, this allows for racer’s to not spend their entire day at Dxn to race.

You are allowed to race AM and PM if there are positions available, but points will not count twice. If you podium (1st, 2nd or 3rd place) in the AM Sessions, racing in the PM will not supersede your points. Please keep in mind obtaining points in a AM and PM sessions can vary due to entries.

Proxy Racing:

Proxy racing will be allowed. Entry fees for proxy cars are double due to the significant effort needed to race them. Our on-hand proxy racer will follow your tuning guidelines as best they can during the race. We only accept proxy racing cars if they’re in a Tamiya cardboard box or your own carry case with batteries, please don’t leave us loose cars to race. They’re hard to keep track of.

What happens if there’s a tie?

Ties have happened frequently in the past, once a tie is determined the two racers will race each other if present to determine who will break the tie.

If a tie is between a proxy race, the current present racer will automatically place higher than the proxy racer.

Summer Cup 2021 Race Schedule:                                             

Round 1 July 10th                                                                                                                                                 

Round 2 July 24th                                                                                                                                                     

Round 3 August 7th                                                                                                                                                   

Round 4 August 21st                                                                                                                                                        

Round 5 September 4th 


We will now be allowing ONE re-race if the first race of a heat is a full course out. All final decisions are made by current race director.