Racing Information

We primarily race three categories at Dxn Provisions. We follow the general rules and regulations for Tamiya Mini4 WD set by Tamiya Japan. See link

Box Stock

Tuned Class

Open Class

*NEW* Classes

One Make

Tuned High Speed

Here’s a short break down.

Race Rules:
1. All final decisions for races are made by the current race director.
2. Car entries are randomized; if you enter more than one car you run the risk of racing yourself.
3. If you win your race you will move onto the Winner’s Bracket.
4. If you lose your race you will move onto the Loser’s
a. If you win your race in the Loser’s Bracket, you will return to the Winner’s Bracket.
b. If you lose your race in the Loser’s Bracket, you are out.
5. A maximum of 1 re-race will be allowed
a. If all cars CO during the re-race, all cars are disqualified.
b. If a car impedes the pole position car and affects the outcome, the impeding car is disqualified. All other cars rerace.
Class Rules:
Box Stock Class:
Please have your car ready for battery compliance checks. (Limited to Alkalines, no re-chargeable batteries)
Tuned Class (Same as Ultimate Hobbies)
No cutting, trimming sanding or modifying of any carbon or FRP in any way. Chassis and body may be slightly modified to allow for clearance of rollers and stabilizers.
90% of chassis and body must be present.
Stylized rollers are acceptable (rollers that have been cut for design)
No cutting or modifying of wheels and tires. Light sanding to smooth rough spots on tires is acceptable. Minimum 90% of tire tread must be present.
Piercing the wheels to allow 72mm shaft to poke through the center of the wheel hub is allowed.
Cutting up a car catcher to use as mass damper is ok.
All other Tamiya rules and regulations apply.
Torque, Rev and Atomic Tuned motors only. White end bell Stock motor is also acceptable.
Open Class:
Please adhere to the Tamiya rules and regulations for reference.
One Make:
One Make races are part of a three series race. All racers purchase the same box kit the day of the race and are given 1 hour to build the car and get the car ready to race the same day.
The second round is a $25 cap on upgrades and building of the car the same day applies as well.
The third round is upgrading the car to a fully open class car. (rules TBD)
Tuned High Speed:
Same rules as tuned class, no cutting of chassis, frp/carbon, and tires.
Limited to Tuned Motors, the track layout for these cars is flat. Allow for much faster speeds.