Brake Sponge Set (1/2/3mm Red)


You’ll be using a lot of this in various situations when the time comes. Stock up on this and the Green/Grey/Black Brake as well.

Thinner brake usually results in less cushion on landing as well as a firmer braking zone due to the lack of squish it allows. Pink brake has around the same coefficient of slip as the black brake.

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Below description taken from Tamiya USA and Japan

Brake-sponges help stop your Mini 4WD car from leaving the track. This set includes three thicknesses of the same type of brake sponge, allowing easy adjustment of your brake settings. 2mm sponge comes in a single sheet to help differentiate thicknesses within the package contents.

  • 3mm & 1mm thickness 50x50mm Brake Sponge Sheet x2 each
  • 2mm thickness 100x50mm Brake Sponge Sheet x1
  • Fine texture for less slowing from dust on track.
  • Different thicknesses allows placement in many positions on your car.
  • Usable with MA, MS, AR, Super-II and Super XX chassis machines.


  • ブレーキ効果の高いスポンジシートのセットです。1mm、2mm、3mmの3種類の厚みを用意。1mm厚はシャーシ下面などの隙間の小さい場所にも貼り付けOK。厚さの違うスポンジシートを様々に貼ってブレーキセッティングが可能です。
  • ★1mm厚と3mm厚スポンジは50×50mmサイズをそれぞれ2枚、2mm厚スポンジは50×100mmで1枚セットしました。


Additional information

Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 5 × .25 in


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