JR Offset Tread Tires – Hard / Green


These are your run of the mill offset thread tires offered by Tamiya, if you don’t have access to a tire trimmer these are you easiest bolt on tire to give you a limited differential slip to your car.

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These tires are a color variation of Item 15379 JR Offset Tread Tires – Hard/White and offer a 5-6mm range of tread settings simply by altering the direction of their attachment to your Mini 4WD car.


  • Hard Offset Tread Tires (Front) x2
  • Hard Offset Tread Tires (Rear) x2
  • Gives your machine more tread on tracks with lots of straights, and less on more technical circuits.
  • Hard tires mean less bouncing off of the track when landing after jumps.
  • Compatible with Mini 4WD and Mini 4WD PRO cars fitted with wheels for large tires.


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