Maroon Low Friction Arched Tires (2 pcs Large diameter)


Available in Large diameter, these are the super popular low friction tires frequently seen on open class cars, but trimmed down. While not ideal for today’s technical circuits, those looking for a low friction tire for their high speed car look no further !

Pick up a couple sets, because these are sure to sell out quickly.




These are large diameter arched wheels designed to provide fast speeds, due to their low-friction material. They are a great tuning option for any Tamiya Mini 4WD machine.

• Low Friction Large-Diameter Arched Tires x2
• Use the tires in different positions for different effects: at the front, for more responsive turns; at the rear, for slower and more controlled jumps; or on one side, for an unbalanced setup.
• Compatible with Mini 4WD and Mini 4WD PRO cars. Use with wheels for large, narrow tires.

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Weight .1 lbs


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