Mini 4WD Cleaning Brush


Cleaning Mini 4WD cars and applying stickers is now easier with this handy tool! The new slim-designed cleaning brush is very convenient to clean up Mini 4WD models and eliminate static electricity from their polycarbonate bodies. The opposite end of the brush incorporates a sticker applicator tool that helps burnish stickers onto Mini 4WD and R/C bodies alike!

• Features two types of brush fibers, a conductive fiber and PBT resin fiber, to eliminate dust and tire crumbs, and remove static electricity from polycarbonate bodies.
• Slim-design brush is suitable for the complex shapes of Mini 4WD models.
• Metal grip helps reduce the impact on products caused by static electricity from hands.
• The pallet on the opposite end of the brush is very useful for applying stickers.
• Features a plastic tip cover to protect brush.

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Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 3 × .15 in


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